Warehouse Deliveries

At Stairlifts Plus, we have regular deliveries of new and second-hand stair lifts. 

Deliveries come in most weeks from Europe to our depot in County Laois. We have a large warehouse that is fully equipped with righthand and left hand chair lifts, new & secondhand.
Our manufactures are UK & Europe based. Once an order is placed with our supplier, it takes a couple of days for the design to be constructed and shipped to Ireland.

A new curved stairlift can take two weeks from start to installation.

  1. Initial contact with the customer.
  2. Arrange a visit and check out the stairs.
  3. Talk to the customer.
  4. Take measurements.
  5. Send all the information back to the manufacture.
  6. Await the delivery.
  7. Install the lift.

A second-hand stairlift has a quicker turn around.

  1. Initial contact with the customer.
  2. Arrange a visit & assess the stairs.
  3. Talk to the customer and see what there are needs!
  4. Take measurement.
  5. Next day cut a rail to size and install.
A second-hand chair lift can take 24 hours from start to finish.
We have over ten years’ experience and knowledge. With 100% customer satisfaction rate.
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