curved stairlifts installation

Curved Stairlifts

At Stairlifts Plus we supply and install straight & curved stairlifts.

We recently completed the installation of these curved stairlifts in Offaly. Catering to a client’s need to access three flights of stairs. This individual had been unable to reach the upper levels for several years, highlighting the significance of this installation.

Given the complexity of the task, our team brought both expertise and manpower to ensure a successful installation. We initially consulted with the customer in late 2023, taking into account other ongoing renovations in their home. Waiting until the majority of the work was finished minimised disruption and potential damage to the lift.

The stairlift, spanning three flights of stairs, required seven bends to navigate the unique layout effectively.

Our installation was completed at the end of February, resulting in a clear and tidy solution that enhances accessibility within the home. For more information and additional stairlift options, please visit our website at StairliftsPlus. or freephone 180024700 and we can answer any questions you may have.

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