Installing a Stairlift is not really a job that should be rushed or timed, but we reckon a fair average on Installations would be approx. 2 Hours for a Straight Stairlift and about 4 Hourse for a Curved Stairlift

We keep the time on site down to a minimum allowing you to continue with your own work or life routines.  To be as efficient in your home means we need to have a few things prepared before we get there

Our Engineers prepare all Stair Lifts prior to Install which can save a good bit of time on site.  This includes removing some (not all) of the packaging and cutting the rail (Straight Stairlifts Only) to the accurate length based on the measurements taken at the initial Survey.

When we arrive on site our Stairlift Engineers will do their best to keep the work area free from packaging, tools and debris where possible – and also ensure that all packaging has been removed from site upon completion.

Finally a full demonstration and handover will take place.  We try and show as many people as possible in the property how to use the stairlift – the more that know the merrier.  

Our Engineers are fully qualified in a broad range of stairlifts.  Our Stairlift Fitters have Certificates of Competence and are available for inspection upon request.

Our Public Liability Insurance is also available upon request giving you complete peace of mind for you and your home.  We treat your home as exactly that – we will not disrespect you or your property.

If in doubt…..give us a shout

Thyssen Homeglide Straight

Thyssen Homeglide Extra Straight

Thyssen Flow 2A Curved

Acorn 130 Straight

Acorn 130 Perch Straight

Acorn 180 Curved

Platinum Horizon Straight

Platinum Curve Curved

Platinum Ultimate Curved

Bruno Elan Straight

Bruno Elite Straight

Bruno Elite Curved

Bespoke Synergy Straight

Bespoke Synergy Plus Straight

Bespoke Infinity Curved

Handicare 950 & 950L Straight

Handicare 1000 Straight

Handicare 1100 Straight

Handicare 2000 Curved

Handicare FreeCurve Curved

Handicare Freelift Hinged