Stairlift Install

Curved Stairlift Installed in Dublin

A recent stairlift install in Dublin. The client rang looking for a chair lift. We were able to call out within 24hrs. Completed a photo survey and send off the drawings. The lift, delivered and installed within two weeks.

Curve stairlift install Dublin

Right Hand Curve stairlift install Dublin

A curved stairlift providing smooth and secure transportation between different levels of a home. The design of a curved stairlift ensures the lift fits the unique staircase. While accommodating the specific dimensions, angles, and curves.

Right Hand Curve in Dublin

Right Hand Curve Installed in Dublin

The self-levelling carriage, feature that ensures a comfortable and safe ride. It adjusts its position as it moves along the track, maintaining a level position. Providing a smooth and seamless experience for the user.

The advanced technology employed in the curved stairlift enhances reliability and safety. It incorporates various safety sensors that detect any obstructions or obstacles on the track stopping the carriage to prevent collisions or accidents.

The control panel is placed, allowing the user to operate the stairlift. It includes simple-to-use buttons or a joystick for controlling the movement of the carriage. This model comes with a remote control. Allowing the user to call or send the stairlift from different locations.

Right Hand Curve in Dublin

Right Hand Curve Installed in Dublin

Installation of a curved stairlift, requires a photo survey, ensuring a perfect fit for the specific staircase. Professional installers / engineer will assess the staircase and take detailed measurements. Based on these measurements, the curved stairlift is then manufactured and installed.

A curved stairlift provides a safe and reliable solution for individuals with mobility challenges.