Are you searching for an experienced company that provides curved stairlifts in Kildare? At Stairlift Plus we supply and install a wide range of stairlifts throughout the whole of Ireland. Our professional team will take into account all of your needs and preferences when recommending stairlifts for your home. 

Not every property has a perfectly straight staircase and it is very common to have at least one corner on your stairs. We cater for all properties and provide a variety of curved stairlifts in Kildare to suit every individual home. Curved stairlifts are built around your existing staircase and we ensure that they perfectly match the configuration of your current staircase. Our team will measure up your stairs and then we can manufacture the staircase to make it fit perfectly. 

If your staircase features multiple corners, landings, spirals of any other bends then we would recommend the Platinum Curve. This particular stairlift is hand-built in the UK and provides you with a comfortable smooth ride. The Platinum Curve is safe and reliable, its ERGO seat swivels making it easier to get on and off of the seat and its has a retractable reel seat belt. Not only does this stairlift provide you with a seamless ride but it also foldable making it non-intrusive to your hallway or landing. All of our curved stairlifts in Kildare run on a battery that is automatically recharged when it is sitting at the top or bottom of your stairs. This way even if you have a power cut you still have the peace of mind that your stairlift will work. 

We aim to always provide exceptional customer service and high-quality products to all of our customers. As well as supplying and installing curved stairlifts in Kildare we can also perform professional services and repairs on stairlifts. Our repair services cover dozens of stairlift brands and if we are unable to repair your stairlift there and then we can source a variety of spare parts, enabling us to return to your property as soon as possible with the required parts to get your stairlift back up and running. 

If you would like to find out more about our curved stairlifts in Kildare or any of the other services we provide then you can fill in our contact form, leave us with your contact details and a short message and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also get a quick and easy quote online giving you a rough estimate as to what your stairlift may cost.