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D120 Deluxe Stairlift

The D120 Deluxe is our supreme stairlift offering a variety of options and features to make it bespoke to your home, down to the colour of your interior. This custom-built model is stylish and adaptable and comes complete with a powered hinge as standard.
With a maximum weight capacity of 120kg the lift has numerous customisable options allowing it to fit all straight staircases and making the MediTek lift just right for you and your home.



1. Joystick Control
2. Remote Control
3. ICS Diagnostic Display
4. Manual Swivel Lever
5. Retractable Seatbelt
6. Adjustable Seat Post
7. Continuous Charge Strip
8. Powered Hinge
9. Foot Rest Link (optional extra)
10. Powered Swivel Seat (optional extra)

What to Expect

11. Pressure-Sensitive Surfaces
12. Emergency Holding Button
13. Barrier Arm (optional extra)
14. Key Switch